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Bianco Pumpz are sold through our network of Pump Specialst across Australia & New Zealand. 

Powered By Briggs & Stratton

Portable Petrol Powered Fire Pumps are essential when preparing your property in bush fire areas.

When power is not available, you want to ensure your home can still be protected from fires. 

Bianco Vulcan Fire Pumps

Powered by Briggs & Stratton


Full national engine support across 400+ Briggs & Stratton service centres


Improved petrol cap to ensure no leaks or spills when on the back of your truck.


Start up the engine quickly when you need it the most. 


Portable & easy to carry, just throw into the back of your ute.

Bianco Vulcan Fire Pumps

Bianco Vulcan can be ordered any store within our network of over 200 pump specialist throughout Australia. Ask for the Bianco Vulcan Fire Pump!

Why Choose Bianco Pumpz

Over many years Bianco Pumpz has striven to bring a reliable high performance engine driven pump  range at value for money - we call it 'best in class engineering', built from the ground up. We are excited 

to now announce the release of the culmination of more than a decade of Engine pumping experience

in the new Bianco Series 2 Vulcan Engine pump range.

Built from the ground up in combination with Briggs & Stratton the range has exceeded all expectations

offering the best in high performance and reliability whilst remaining a value product with a full national 

3 year engine and pump warranty** serviced by both Briggs & Stratton and White International dealer networks.

A complete customised engine solution built by Briggs & Stratton takes advances in small engine design sourced from their global network to ensure the engine provides a complete easy start, easy use and reliable long term solution for approved pumps within the Vulcan range. This combined with a complete redesign of the pump end guarantees the best solution possible for any user where water is required and a small engine pump is the solution of choice.

Bianco Pumpz

Bianco Vulcan can be ordered any store within our network of over 200
pump specialist throughout Australia. Ask for the Bianco Vulcan Fire Pump!

Other Vulcan Petrol Powered Pumps

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Bianco Vulcan has a range of other engine powered pumps that can be used for large volumes of water transfer, tank filling & irrigation

Portable Engine Pumps

Living the rural life can be safe and peaceful, however this can change in an instant if bush fires are raging. Home owners should be prepared and take every precaution necessary, this is the key to saving your home in the event of a fire.

By following some simple steps you can ensure your home is prepared for unexpected bushfires:

1. Reduce the amount of flammable material around the home including dead branches, fallen leaves and long grass 

2. Spark proof the house by measures such as metal fly wire 

3. Prepare a fire kit containing fire blanket and fire extinguisher and locate it where it will be easily reached in an emergency

4. Practice evacuation procedures in case you choose to leave the home, similarly perform fire fighting drills with your pump in case you choose to stay and fight

5. Ensure that your fire fighter pump is filled to capacity with petrol

6. Importantly, ensure adequate water reserves are available at all times.

In the event that electricity is unavailable an engine driven pump will provide you with water

to fight fires from further away.

Protect & Prevent